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Brixistane was formed in July 2015. We started off with about six to eight kids in Brockwell Park in the Brixton area. It has now grown to over 50 kids taking part with age ranges from Under-9s to Under-13s and we’ve also recently launched a girls’ side.

I started the club by myself because I was a PE Teacher and I was passionate about football.

At Brixistane, we focus more on the technical side of the game, ensuring that skills such as ball control are our focus. We also encourage players to be creative – we like them to be risk-takers on the pitch and be expressive. We want the kids to challenge themselves without fear of failure.


We believe it’s important for them to get to the stage where they are not going to worry what their parents think, or what even I think as a coach, of their performance on the pitch. We have to remember that when they are playing the game it’s theirs rather than ours.

The club ethos is always to ensure that the environment of the club is about respect and fun. There is a zero tolerance policy on anyone who deems to break this one and only rule which is to show Respect at all times. Not hard as manners are free

As a club we believe strongly that if we create that kind of environment and maintain it then it allows the players to flourish individually and collectively.

The club perform in the london county saturday youth football league and are part of the Amateur FA.  The club is also partnered up with AFC Wimbledon and has matches against them a few times a year


Patricio Sanchez

Club Founder and Head Coach





UNDER 18's

UNDER 11's






At fun Friday football!

Develop your skills, technique and agility at a fun session for girls and boys aged 5-9.


The name Brixton is thought to originate from Brixistane, meaning the stone of Brixi, a Saxon lord. Brixi is thought to have erected a boundary stone to mark the meeting place of the ancient hundred court of Surrey. The location is unknown but is thought to be at the top of Brixton Hill, at a road known at the time as Bristow or Brixton Causeway, long before any settlement in the area.

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